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David Williams

The Changing Face of Asset Ownership in China

China’s economic development continues to have profound implications for the world economy and, as Canada’s gateway to Asia, for British Columbia.

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The Rise of China's Top-10%

A by-product of China’s rapid economic rise is that income and wealth have become increasingly concentrated among the top-10% of the population.

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The Slowing Pace of 'Creative Destruction' in Canada

Creative destruction involves economic renewal or “churn,” whereby innovative new firms and entrepreneurs force outdated firms to exit. Labour and capital are freed and reallocated to better use, in doing so raising productivity and living standards. Canadian data is concerning because it suggests a significant, long-term decline in the rate of economic renewal.

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How Do House Prices Affect the Consumer Price Index?

It can seem hard to reconcile the stellar growth in house prices in recent years in Vancouver and some other Canadian urban centres with the modest growth in the CPI.

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