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Greg D'Avignon

Bold, long-term transportation vision required

This week’s Massey Tunnel report released by the Provincial Government is the latest reminder, over the last number of years, that we desperately need a smart, consolidated and province-wide transportation strategy that secures our future.

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British Columbia's Resource Sectors are the Foundation of a Diversified Economy

A review of BC Business Magazine’s Top 100 list of British Columbia companies by revenue for 2012 reveals the province’s economic mosaic, showcasing diverse organizations such as Telus, HSBC Bank Canada and Finning International. It also reveals the extent to which the foundation for British Columbia’s economic prosperity is our natural resource sector. More than 20 of the top 50 private sector companies are directly involved in mining, forestry or natural gas, and there are dozens more throughout the list which act as service providers to these core industrial sectors.

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