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Guest author: The future of decision making

How important is it for businesses to make better decisions?

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Guest Author: Breaking the cycle of poverty through education, partnership:
How the federal government’s new poverty reduction strategy calls upon British Columbians to act

Providing youth with quality education is critical to the federal poverty reduction strategy.

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Corporate Sustainability: The New Normal

Though not a new concept, sustainability has recently become a mainstay in corporate governance, and the question has shifted from whether to seek sustainability to how to achieve, implement, and harness its potential.

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Progress Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Released

Recently, the Vancouver Sun reported on a July 5th report by the National Energy Board (NEB) comparing multi-year changes in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by province.

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Guest Author: Politicians, pipelines and paying heed to the rule of law

The new B.C. NDP government campaigned vociferously during the election that it would use every tool in its “tool kit” to stop an interprovincial pipeline expansion that is clearly within the sole jurisdiction of the federal government. There can be no doubt about the new government’s position and its overriding animus to the pipeline project.

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Evidence-Based Policy and Investments in Children

The social, emotional and academic skills of the population are central to the health and well-being of our citizens and our society. Economists refer to these skills as human capital and have shown that they are crucial for ensuring continued prosperity.

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Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Double-Standard in Canada?

June 5th marked the closing of the three-day Canada-Asia 2013 conference, hosted by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, in Vancouver. The conference featured an array of panel discussions, plenary sessions, and networking opportunities—all focusing on how Canada should position itself with the emerging Asian economies.

During the final panel discussion, panelist Professor Khee Giap Tan posed a challenging question which, because of time constraints, was unfortunately cut short. He was critical of the double-standard between developed and developing countries with respect to Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs). He drew attention to the contradiction of how developed countries want unfettered access to markets and investment opportunities in developing countries, yet when investment flows the other way, developed countries often limit and scrutinize market access.

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