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CBC: B.C.'s new Employer Health Tax about to launch


The president and CEO of the Business Council of B.C. says the EHT is a double whammy to some businesses that are having to pay both it and MSP premiums in 2019.

"Not only is there a new incremental tax, but we're also paying the old tax previously for a double taxation this year," said Greg D'Avignon.

"In 2019, the employers' health tax comes into effect which collects about a $1.8 billion in additional tax. But, during the same period of time, we're also collecting the medical services premium ... employers have paid about a billion dollars of that."

D'Avignon says the tax has significant implications for the prosperity of the province.

"This is an added cost to business that increasingly and on a cumulative basis makes it very difficult for businesses to start, to employ people, to provide higher wages and create the economic activity to afford government the revenue that they need to pay for their programs."

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