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Trade, Productivity & Competitiveness

BC’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world economy will depend on how well we can find new ways of doing business, adopt new ideas and practices, and connect with new trading partners. The Council encourages public policies that support research and innovation, business practices that increase productivity, connections that open new trading opportunities, and processes to commercialize BC’s best research.

The United States to 2020 and the Requirement for Canadian Initiative

Authored by Colin Robertson, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University

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Situating BC in the Global Economy

Authored by J. Baggs, Faculty of Business, D. Scoones, Department of Economics, and G. Voss, Department of Economics
University of Victoria

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The Rise of Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for British Columbia

Authored by Rosalie L. Tung, Ph.D., FRSC, Faculty of Business, Simon Fraser Univeristy

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British Columbia's Global Linkages: A Snapshot

Authored By: Jock Finlayson and Ken Peacock, Business Council of British Columbia

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BC's Advanced Technology Sector: Reaching for the Next Level

Authored by the BC Technology Industry Association

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