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BC Poised for Decent Growth in A Turbulent World

Posted Jan 29, 2015

The Business Council's first Economic Outlook and Review for 2015 projects a 2.6% increase in BC's real GDP and examines the impact on BC's economy of a number of factors including the global economic outlook, a rebounding US economy, declining oil prices and domestic factors such as housing starts and exports.

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Finlayson: Canada looks set for another year of modest economic growth (Troy Media)

Posted Jan 13, 2015

The early weeks of 2015 have been a reminder that we live in a turbulent and risk-prone world. From plummeting oil prices to terrorist attacks in France, jittery stock markets, slowing growth in China, and renewed political uncertainty in Greece, there has been much to capture the attention of those inclined to fret about the future. But the underlying economic picture is more favourable than a glance at the newspaper headlines may suggest.

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Finlayson Op-ed: Income inequality not a problem in Canada (Vancouver Sun, Troy Media)

Posted Dec 16, 2014

Canada has long been known as a country that promotes the values of equity and fairness within our society. That helps to explain why the issue of economic inequality resonates with the media and among many of our political leaders. With a federal election expected sometime in 2015, inequality is sure to get more attention in the months ahead.

Globally, concerns over inequality are also on the rise. A recent article in The Economist magazine noted that 56 per cent of citizens in the advanced countries believe inequality is a problem. On most indicators, income inequality has indeed increased within most industrial countries, although it has diminished at the global level owing to a long stretch of relatively strong economic growth in China and many other emerging markets.

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An Updated Look at BC’s Inventory of Major Capital Projects

Posted Dec 8, 2014

In this issue of Policy Perspectives, we provide a summary of capital spending on “major” projects in British Columbia.

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Finlayson: Low Interest Rates make this a great time to invest in infrastructure
(Troy Media)

Posted Dec 4, 2014

Ottawa has the fiscal room to invest in infrastructure projects

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