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Amid an Oil Price Collapse…The Harper Government Delivers on its Balanced Budget Promise

Posted Apr 22, 2015

The steep drop in the price of oil and related impact on federal finances prompted the Conservative government to delay bringing down the Budget. But despite a $6 billion hit to Ottawa’s revenues, Finance Minister Joe Oliver was determined to meet the government’s commitment to balance the operating budget by fiscal 2015-16, after seven years of red ink. Doing so required adding some modest amounts from asset sales and shrinking the contingency reserve, but in the end the government managed to erase last year’s small deficit ($2 billion) and is forecasting a razor-thin $1.4 billion surplus for 2015-16.

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Resolving Strikes in Essential Services – The Supreme Court of Canada Weighs In

Posted Apr 16, 2015

This edition of Human Capital Law and Policy was guest authored by Delayne Sartison, Q.C., Partner, Roper Greyell.

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Growth and Greater Diversity in BC's Export Base
A primer on BC exports

Posted Apr 9, 2015

As a small, open economy British Columbia has always depended on and prospered from its international connections. These linkages have been steadily enhanced and supported by improved global transportation and communications; expanding cross-border flows of goods, services, capital and technology; expanding the growth of international travel; and rising numbers of international migrants.

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Finlayson Op-Ed: The Sobering Reality Behind Business Incentives (Troy Media)

Posted Mar 18, 2015

Recent news stories from both sides of the Canada-U.S. border highlight the growing role of business incentives and “subsidies” in shaping the climate for corporate location and expansion decisions. 

The big three U.S. automobile producers are in the midst of downgrading their presence in Ontario as they build new plants in various American states as well as Mexico. Asian and European automobile producers are also stepping up capital spending in the U.S. and Mexico.    

One of the factors behind this trend is the rich incentive packages provided by U.S. state and local governments keen to secure auto-related manufacturing plants and jobs.  While Ontario and the Canadian government have also been prepared to spend taxpayers’ money to lure automobile investment, so far they have been unwilling to match the stupendous sums on offer in states such as Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Michigan.

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Finlayson: Post-secondary education still the ticket to better jobs (Troy Media)

Posted Mar 13, 2015

It is almost one year since the B.C. government unveiled details of its plan to re-engineer the post-secondary education (PSE) and training system. The Liberal government’s “Skills for Jobs Blueprint” will see additional funding directed to expand capacity to educate/train people in high-demand occupations – and fewer dollars available for programs in other parts of the system. An important factor behind the revamp is a belief among policy-makers that the “supply” of and “demand” for skills are out of alignment in the contemporary labour market.

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Third Annual Chair's Dinner
Featuring guest speaker, Elyse Allan, President & CEO, GE Canada

May 13, 2015

Tickets are selling quickly!
The Third Annual BCBC Chair’s Dinner will bring together British Columbia’s senior business leadership on May 13th for an enlightening evening exploring how innovation can drive the Canadian economy with Canadian business leader Elyse Allan, President and CEO, GE Canada.   

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