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The Business Council of British Columbia, now in its 50th year as the premier business organization in British Columbia, is a non-partisan organization made up of 250 leading companies, post-secondary institutions and organizations from across BC’s diverse economy which support hundreds of thousands of jobs across the province. The Council provides timely and exceptional public-policy research and advice on issues to enhance BC’s competitiveness and prosperity.

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A Tale of Two Economies: Leveraging Regional Immigration Stra...

The vast majority of new immigrants in BC choose to live in the already capacity-stretched Lower Mainland area. Most other B.C. towns and almost all rural areas attract comparatively few newcomers.
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Five Important Stories Affecting the BC B...

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Tapping into a "Motherload" of Opportunit...

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To Pipeline or Not to Pipeline

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Post Budget Member Forum with Hon. Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance

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