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Finlayson: The Bank of Canada: An Overview (CPA Industry Update)

Posted Nov 14, 2014

The Bank of Canada: An Overview, by Jock Finlayson

Published in the Industry Update for the Chartered Professional Accountants

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Release: Business Council of BC White Paper and Nov.7 Summit focus attention on BC infrastructure needs and issues

Posted Nov 5, 2014

VANCOUVER, BC (Nov. 5, 2014) - With the economic prosperity of British Columbia and Western Canada relying increasingly on global trade and our ability to deliver goods to foreign markets, the Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC) today released Building BC for the 21st Century: A White Paper on Infrastructure Policy and Financing in advance of its second annual BC Business Summit (Building BC for the 21st Century: Innovation in Infrastructure), to be held on Friday, Nov.7 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

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Peacock Op-ed: Infrastructure - We need more and now is a good time to build (Vancouver Sun)

Posted Nov 5, 2014

On several levels, it may seem that we have adequate infrastructure in place today. After all, British Columbia is blessed with a solid road network, excellent port facilities, modern airports (including the award winning YVR), leading telecommunications and wireless capacity, good water, sewer and solid waste systems, and generally high quality education and health care facilities. But the reality is greater global economic integration, population growth, demographics and the need to enhance BC’s competitive position means we cannot be complacent about infrastructure.

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Building BC for the 21st Century:
A White Paper on Infrastructure Policy and Financing

Posted Nov 5, 2014

This paper is about infrastructure in BC. It reviews what infrastructure is, the importance and benefits of infrastructure and some of the external and internal factors that are shaping the demand for infrastructure services in the province. It also reviews infrastructure that has been built in the province over the past decade. Despite BC having made substantial investments in large public assets that have served the province and its citizens well, we conclude that additional infrastructure investments are necessary to support residents’ quality of life and improve BC’s competitive position.

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Jock Finlayson receives Honorary Degree, Doctor of Laws from Royal Roads University (with speech)

Posted Nov 4, 2014

On November 4. 2014, Royal Roads University presented an Honorary Degree to Jock in recognition of the exceptional work he has done, through his career and his various board appointments. His work for over 20 years in BC has informed good public policy, encouraged healthy debate and his role as a strong communicator and business advocate. 

As noted in the University statement Finlayson’s insight into economic policy has benefited the entire province. He translates complex economic concepts into applied knowledge for the benefit of government, business owners and residents of British Columbia” 

To this we congratulate Jock not only on this honour, but on the contribution he makes every day on our behalf to the Business Council members, the economy and the public’s understanding of business through the work he does at the Council. 

Thank you, Jock, for your continued thought leadership and your contribution to not only the Council and its members, but to British Columbia.

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The Data Effect: Our Next Edge - Health Care

Dec 1, 2014

The data age presents us with a new approach to build the economy and the country.  Data, and the systems around it, are revolutionizing key sectors of the economy.

The Data Effect will look at how data stands to be a key tool to build BC and Canada's competitive advantage in the global economy.  The event will lay out the practical steps required to ensure BC's global strengths in health care research and delivery can improve outcomes, create jobs and build the economy. 

The select audience will be drawn from government, business, research and the investment community and will map out the partnerships, policies and ideas that can make Canada a leader in the data age. 

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